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Published: Jul 20, 2014
Berry Nutty Farm

When Andrea Schnetzler was a little girl, she would spend many happy hours helping her Grandma Taylor can homemade jams. That is, when she wasn't watching her grandpa successfully run a small town Missouri grocery store.

It seems the idea of wholesome food and old-world cooking traditions just kinda stuck

Andrea eventually met fellow jam fan Darrell Tindal, who insisted that everyone deserved the pleasure of dipping a butter knife into Granny's classic jams and fruit butters. The two visionaries joined forces, becoming "duo kitchen chefs" and creating The Berry Nutty Farm. The business perfectly blends Andrea's passion for cooking and design with Darrell's marketing and horticultural savvy.

Today, The Berry Nutty Farm churns out recipes from both owners' grandmothers, including a variety of gourmet fruit jams, apple butters and mulling spices with nary a preservative or additive in sight. Their popular signature creations include Road Trip, Bottom of the Barrel and American Picnic jam. These one-of-a-kind wonders have won over some pretty persnickety customers.

Stop by and try some real foods made by real people in Independence.