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The Big Reveal
The Big Reveal

Our Story

Independence is a community built on pride.

We are proud of who we are, where we've been and where we are headed. We hold family and honesty in the highest regard and we're real about it. We're bold about what we stand for and what we value because we truly believe it. We don't want to be something that we're not because we like who we are, moreover we are proud of who we are.

We are hard-working and want to do everything we can to make our community the best place it can be.

Businesses have told us time and time again that they want the people of Independence on their team. Many of us have parents, grandparents and great grandparents who grew up in Independence; and we intend to continue to thrive in this community we love.

If someone comes to Independence to work, live or visit, we will welcome them and be genuinely glad they are here.
We can promise that they will find a down to earth community that is friendly and wants them to enjoy their time in Independence. We want them to experience the history that we are so proud of and the small-town feel that we offer.We are a close community. When we talk about progress in our community, we are referring to working together to make things happen and being proud of what we accomplish. The progress that we see is the product of hard work, determination and pride; a cornerstone of Independence.

If you ask us an opinion or want our thoughts, we are going to give it to you straight.
No nonsense; just honest talk like the man we are proud to call our own, Harry Truman. You cannot tell the story of Independence without talking about Harry and the remarkable man that he was. The values that make us who we are are the same values that made him who he was. This begs the question: Did Harry make Independence what it is -- or did Independence make Harry who he was?

He was a man that was bold, brash, and never apologized for it.
He wasn't afraid to speak his mind and did so with integrity and honesty. He loved this community and had an immense amount of pride about living in Independence. Harry's pride and love of this community have stayed with us. It is what shapes who we are today. He was a real, proud, honest, hard-working man and he left behind a community of people that reflect those same values.

The people of Independence are clearly what make Independence.
The values that each one of us holds as important are consistent in this community. We said it ourselves and those outside our community said it about us, the people are what make Independence special. All of our values: pride, honesty, hard-working, down-to-earth tell our story. The people of Independence that live these values everyday are our story. When we say "Real People Real Progress" we know that the people of Independence exemplify this and will deliver every time. That is our brand promise. Spend time with us and you will see. Open a business and we will support you, bring your family to visit and we will make you feel at home, move here and we will embrace you with open, real arms.