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Independence, MO Pioneer Life


Pioneering PeopleEmbark on a journey, immersing yourself in the pioneer life of the 1840s in Independence, MO. Travel back in time to 1849 where gold was on the mind of thousands and the streets of Independence were bustling with wagon trains preparing for their departure West. 

Stand where fates were unknown and retrace the steps of these legends as you explore their stories.

Every Saturday, April - October, 2016 from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., visitors are invited to step back in time and encounter Independence as it was in 1849.  

Independence has always been a magnet for pioneers, risk-takers, dreamers and doers. Interact with people of the past and hear their stories of life on the trails and the process of creating a homestead in Independence.  Hop aboard a mule-drawn wagon and discover the wonders of the Lewis and Clark expedition which launched the Westward Expansion. Retrace the path of the Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trails through the swales carved by actual wagon trains. The struggles. The dangers. The rewards. This is edutainment only Independence, MO can deliver.